NSS(Nashville Software School) Update!

I got accepted to NSS( http://nashvillesoftwareschool.com/faq/ )!! I am currently in Cohort 34 and enjoying every moment of it. NSS is: ” A full-time bootcamp that start’s with front-end engineering for the first three months. You’ll learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and React (and a whole lot of other related stuff). Depending on the Cohort you join, you will then go on to learn either Node.js and the MEAN stack, Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework, Python and the Django framework, or C# and the .NET framework. ” Just hit the beginning of month 2, and today was a hot day, short class. Today we learned a little bit about WebPack and how it works as a task runner and a module bundler. Which basically means that it can handle multiple Javascript modules and bunches them into a single file. There is much more to Webpack which I need to go learn about now … Peace

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